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24-06-19 Defender made of plastic

 Images have appeared online that appear to show the new Land Rover Defender completely undisguised – albeit in Lego Technic form.

The Danish toy firm is gearing up to launch a new 2573-piece Lego Technic replica Defender, which was reported by Lego enthusiast website The Brothers Brick after being initially posted on the Smyths toys website. The model appears to be of the reborn new Defender, which the British firm is currently testing ahead of its launch later this year.

Reportedly due to go on sale in October – shortly after the real Defender is unveiled – the Lego Defender will feature a working steering mechanism, four-speed sequential gearbox, three differentials and independent suspension. It will also be fitted with a working winch.

The model is based on the short-wheelbase three-door Defender '90' variant. A five-door '110' version of the real car will also be offered.

While the real Defender has so far only been seen in camouflage livery, the model will be finished in an olive green. It will also be 420mm long, 220mm high and 200mm wide. The model is yet to be officially confirmed by Lego; (...)

Land Rover says that the new Defender has already undergone more than 750,000 miles of testing in some of "the most inhospitable environments" in the world. This has involved hot weather testing in Africa and North America, cold-weather testing at -40deg C, altitude testing at up to 13,000 feet and performance running at the Nurburgring.

Since we are talking about the "Spartan" Defender, believe Lego will be more demanding .... at least in what plastic injection moulds concerns about :)


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