17-06-19 Electric changes and trends

If you think it would be just a mood, whim,  whatsoever…. One can say now “even Ferrari has it…”  electrification is on the way and with it new auto models, materials and business models also.

Here's a glance for the Ferrari hybrid supercar.


Yasa from the UK, the world’s leading manufacturer of axial-flux electric motors, has announced that a Yasa electric motor powers Ferrari’s first hybrid series production sports car, the SF90 Stradale, which had its global reveal on May 29 in Maranello, Italy. The SF90 Stradale is the most powerful, most advanced and fastest-accelerating road car Ferrari has ever produced.‚Äč

Yasa says it has been working closely with Ferrari over the past two-and-a-half years, developing a custom version of its electric motor that meets Ferrari’s demanding performance specifications.

The heart of the car is Ferrari’s award-winning ‘F154’ twin-turbocharged V8, bored out from the 3902cc of the 488 Pista to 3990cc. The V8 develops 769bhp, with 590lb ft of torque at 6000rpm.

Complementing the V8 is a trio of electric motors - two mounted at the front and one mounted at the rear between the engine and gearbox, giving all-wheel drive. All three generate a total of 217bhp to make the 986bhp total. They are powered by a relatively small (7.9kWh) lithium ion battery pack that makes the SF90 Stradale capable of 16 miles of electric-only running at speeds of up to 84mph. The battery can be charged either by plugging it in (no charging time has been revealed) or using the engine as a generator.

 Yasa’s CEO said, “We’re delighted to announce Ferrari as a Yasa customer and for Ferrari’s first ever hybrid series production car – the SF90 Stradale – to be powered by a Yasa electric motor. We’ve worked closely with Ferrari over the past two-and-a-half years to develop a custom solution that meets their unique performance requirements, aided by the fact that our companies both share the same passion for innovation and the same unwavering commitment to excellence. Through this long-term collaboration, we are helping to set the bar for high-performance electric driving experiences.”


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Source: AP


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