Car of the future

Trends for cars in the future

Car of the future or future of the car?



Stronger, stiffer materials give designers more flexibility in the cabin, while maintaining safety Cars will be increasingly recyclable.

Voice and gesture interfaces are increasingly the norm.



All new cars will be electric. New materials will again have created new design possibilities for the car, and today’s visions of the ‘lounge car’ might be achieved. Multiple and even flexible body shapes will be possible, and many cars will come with digital paint.



Full autonomy is achieved. Car brands offer subscription-based Mobility as a Service products Users will be welcomed by the car’s AI with their preferences in terms of speed and driving style, music, temperature and seating position. The car is incredibly sophisticated, capable of processing data from an enormous array of sensors and external data sources, communicating with other vehicles and street infrastructure, and navigating anywhere based only on a voice command. Cars come in a variety of configurations, from single-person pods to larger group vehicles. Interaction between mobility apps, social networks and dating sites enables fully automated journeys.


29% The most desired innovation for the car interior was in-car wi-fi.

18% of drivers said they would like fully recyclable cars to become available.

24% of drivers said they would catch up on sleep


Design will continue to be driven by all the same demands – efficiency, comfort and safety. But advances in mechanics and the continuing evolution of materials science will release designers from many current constraints. Ultimately, the removal of the need for a driver means that larger ‘group’ cars are likely to be oriented in a face-to-face layout with two or three seats side by side, either over a space or around a table. Despite much speculation about replacing windows with screens, humans of the future will not evolve as fast as cars, so they are still likely to suffer from travel sickness. Eliminating the connection with the environment outside would likely exacerbate that, so windows will probably remain, albeit supplemented by large screens for entertainment



Source AIW


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