23-03-20 Ventilators made out from of 3D printing tech

Vigo automotive industry wants to contribute its grain of sand in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Under the coordination of the cluster (Ceaga), three start-ups forged in the engine company accelerator (the Business Factory Auto), Lupeon, Nort3d and Inmake have been launched into production using 3D technology (additive manufacturing) disposable valves for respirators, one of the health teams most in demand in this crisis for the most serious patients of Covid-19. In total, the three companies will produce about 900 valves every ten hours.

The project is part of the European Clusters Alliance. This alliance, representing 700 cluster organisations with more than 122 million jobs, made available to the European Commission all its means to respond to the call of around 25,000 fans to tackle the coronavirus. In a few hours, Ceaga and the BFA mobilized companies that could help in this area. Lupeon, Nort3d and Inmake, specialized in 3D printing, showed support and intention to collaborate from the very beginning. Competing with each other, they shared resources to quickly assemble disposable valve prototypes for respirators, automatic respirators and protective systems.

Let's think about this example. (common problem, common solution)s


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